Thursday, May 26, 2011

China Education Initiative

I know this application deadline has passed for this cycle, but I decided to post it so those interested can watch out for the next application date. 

My name is Ken Saathoff, and I am a US Recruiting Manager for China Education Initiative (CEI). CEI is a non-profit working to end educational inequity in China by sending recent graduates of US and Chinese universities to some of China's most under-resourced schools to work as full-time teachers for two years. I'm currently in LA trying to reach out to outstanding seniors and recent graduates from UCLA and let them know about the CEI Fellowship. I found your organization online and thought many of your members who are seniors might be interested in this opportunity!

Please let me know if you'd be interested in getting together or speaking over the phone to learn more about the Fellowship! Or feel free to check out our website, to learn more and apply (application deadline: March 10th). As a former Fellow myself, I can tell you that the CEI Fellowship offers an opportunity to do truly meaningful work while living in a beautiful, fascinating, and seldom visited part of China. More than anything, though, it offers you a chance to work with children that desperately need teachers and absolutely deserve better opportunities in life. Help us make those opportunities a reality for them!

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Teach to End Educational Inequality in China
This is the chance to join the movement to end educational inequity in China. Today, less than 2% of Chinese students in low-income, rural schools will make it to college compared to 70% of their peers in affluent, urban environments. Working to provide quality educational opportunities for all children in China is no easy task, but determined and talented fellows from top universities in the U.S. and China have already shown that they are up to the challenge.
Change the Future of Sino-U.S. Relations
As President Barack Obama has said, “Today, virtually no global challenge can be solved without the United States and China cooperating.” CEI is putting a new philosophy for Sino-U.S. cooperation into practice, as the first and only organization to pair outstanding graduates from top universities in the U.S. and China in a long-term service initiative.
Become a Global Leader
Whatever path you choose to follow after your fellowship, CEI’s partnerships with employers and graduate schools, as well as a strong alumni network, provide clear opportunities for career growth. Through its connection with Teach for All, CEI has already established partnerships with Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, and Princeton University.

CEI is partnered with Teach For America and the global Teach For All network. We are funded by generous support from Ford Foundation, The Henry Luce Foundation, and Goldman Sachs, among others.
Together, we are building a global movement of leaders committed to fundamentally changing the status quo. We believe that one day, all children—rich or poor, American or Chinese, urban or rural—will have access to a quality education.
Get a sense of our placement schools:

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