Thursday, June 30, 2011

NASW Social Work Delegation Oct. 15-24, 2011

Consider an investment in your career that will generate lifelong returns. Travel to Brazil with executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and President of the NASW Foundation Elizabeth J. Clark in October 2011 as a member of the People to People Social Work Delegation.
You could benefit from nearly 50 years of People to People exchanges as you:
  • Build lasting partnerships with your peers overseas through formal meetings, discussion sessions, and site visits
  • Deepen your understanding of your profession and enhance your value to your organization by networking internationally while earning continuing-education credits
  • Enjoy immersive cultural experiences and take in iconic sights
  • Make a global impact—not only advancing your field, but also gaining international perspectives
Across nations, there may be similarities in social problems, but the focus of concern can differ within borders and within cultures. Competency in social work today requires an understanding of the global context of human rights and social justice. Take this opportunity to explore international social work by traveling to Brazil with NASW Executive Director Betsy Clark October 15-24, 2011 as a member of the People to People Social Work Delegation.

Build lasting partnerships with your peers overseas, network internationally while earning continuing education credits, enjoy immersive cultural experiences, and make a global impact. This delegation will specifically focus on the following topics of discussion throughout the trip:
  • Rights of women
  • Racial inequality
  • Crime and prisoner reentry
  • Services for the aging
  • Structure of social work practice in Brazil
  • Violence against street children
Delegation Member Cost: $5,995.00

  • International airfare from a domestic gateway city
  • Accommodations in four- to five-star hotels
  • Admission to all activities specified in the itinerary for delegates or guests
  • Most meals, as specified in the itinerary
  • All in-country transportation for the group
  • Fees for all group services, including tips and taxes
  • Continuing-education credit, where applicable
  • Pre-travel materials to aid in your preparation
  • 24-hour support from the program office
It's good to see NASW finally branching out to some international social work and this sounds like an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded professional workers. Plus you are lead by the ED of NASW! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mexican Institute for Family and Population Research "Yo quiero, you puedo"

Dear UCLA Faculty, Staff, and Students, 

I am contacting you to make you aware of a new learning opportunity for interested students and alumni with the Mexican Institute for Family and Population Research (IMIFAP) nonprofit.  IMIFAP “Yo quiero, yo puedo,” gives volunteers the opportunity to participate in international field work with established projects in the areas of youth development and microenterprise.   

IMIFAP “Yo quiero, yo puedo” has a solid reputation of delivering high-impact training and programming to marginalized communities throughout Mexico for over 25 years.  Our mission is to create and implement programs which contribute to sustainable human development in order to allow individuals to take control of their own health, productivity, and lives. With over 200 established partners and 24 ongoing projects, IMIFAP “Yo quiero, yo puedo” has the network and know-how to offer volunteers a valuable volunteer experience. IMIFAP has a range of preventative and community building programs, which have impacted over 19 million people in Mexico, the United States, Uzbekistan and 11 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Volunteers will work in Hidalgo, Mexico alongside a team of IMIFAP program leaders and community members.  IMIFAP offers a custom-built volunteer experience, allowing volunteers to choose their area of focus and the week-long period they would like to volunteer over the summer. Volunteer projects are offered in Youth Development: working with disadvantaged children to improve life skills, promote healthy development, and prevent drug use and teen pregnancy; or Microenterprise: working with a local bakery or water purification plant to develop and enhance business goals and strategies.  Volunteers will gain valuable field experience, skills, and knowledge to enhance their academic and professional careers.

We, at IMIFAP "Yo quiero, yo puedo", would like to extend a special offer to volunteers.  This summer, volunteers may take advantage of discounted prices for their week-long service trip, as this is the first summer the organization will be operating international volunteer service trips.  Trip costs include on-site volunteer training and orientation; all accommodations; in-country transportation and meals; cultural activities and experiences; and project-specific Spanish classes.

For more information about IMIFAP "Yo quiero, yo puedo", visit our website   Thank you for your assistance with this and feel free to contact me directly or by phone at (773) 744-3024.


Jessie Schwartz, MSW
Volunteer Coordinator
IMIFAP "Yo quiero, yo puedo"

China Education Initiative

I know this application deadline has passed for this cycle, but I decided to post it so those interested can watch out for the next application date. 

My name is Ken Saathoff, and I am a US Recruiting Manager for China Education Initiative (CEI). CEI is a non-profit working to end educational inequity in China by sending recent graduates of US and Chinese universities to some of China's most under-resourced schools to work as full-time teachers for two years. I'm currently in LA trying to reach out to outstanding seniors and recent graduates from UCLA and let them know about the CEI Fellowship. I found your organization online and thought many of your members who are seniors might be interested in this opportunity!

Please let me know if you'd be interested in getting together or speaking over the phone to learn more about the Fellowship! Or feel free to check out our website, to learn more and apply (application deadline: March 10th). As a former Fellow myself, I can tell you that the CEI Fellowship offers an opportunity to do truly meaningful work while living in a beautiful, fascinating, and seldom visited part of China. More than anything, though, it offers you a chance to work with children that desperately need teachers and absolutely deserve better opportunities in life. Help us make those opportunities a reality for them!

All the best,

Teach to End Educational Inequality in China
This is the chance to join the movement to end educational inequity in China. Today, less than 2% of Chinese students in low-income, rural schools will make it to college compared to 70% of their peers in affluent, urban environments. Working to provide quality educational opportunities for all children in China is no easy task, but determined and talented fellows from top universities in the U.S. and China have already shown that they are up to the challenge.
Change the Future of Sino-U.S. Relations
As President Barack Obama has said, “Today, virtually no global challenge can be solved without the United States and China cooperating.” CEI is putting a new philosophy for Sino-U.S. cooperation into practice, as the first and only organization to pair outstanding graduates from top universities in the U.S. and China in a long-term service initiative.
Become a Global Leader
Whatever path you choose to follow after your fellowship, CEI’s partnerships with employers and graduate schools, as well as a strong alumni network, provide clear opportunities for career growth. Through its connection with Teach for All, CEI has already established partnerships with Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, and Princeton University.

CEI is partnered with Teach For America and the global Teach For All network. We are funded by generous support from Ford Foundation, The Henry Luce Foundation, and Goldman Sachs, among others.
Together, we are building a global movement of leaders committed to fundamentally changing the status quo. We believe that one day, all children—rich or poor, American or Chinese, urban or rural—will have access to a quality education.
Get a sense of our placement schools:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

SEALNet: Service & Leadership

Here is a great organization that a friend is going on. This is a non-religious nonprofit organization founded by Stanford University students in 2004. They focus the development of Southeast Asia and have different "Projects" every year.

For the Indonesia project 2011  they are doing a public health project that education and does prevention with high school students about GI worms.

SEALNet's mission is to bring service and to promote the spirit of service leadership among Southeast Asian communities in the US and abroad . We strive to accomplish this by building and nurturing a community of service leaders who are committed to serve, equipped to lead, enterprising in action, and plugged into a network of like hearted individuals who are passionate about social development.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Social Work Course in Vietnam for Summer 2011

Unfortunately UCLA's SW program does not have the capacity to built up a international component to the program (yet) however San Jose State University just collaborated with universities in Vietnam and created a new summer course for social work students! You can get credit while traveling?! Yes!

They have invited students from other universities including UCLA! There are about 5-8 spots left as of today.


Credits:         3 credit hours. Students will enroll under the course SW 285/185.
Faculty:          Huong Nguyen and Tuan Tran (School of Social Work)
Time:              July 3 – July 23
Location:        Hanoi – Hue – Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
Host:               School of Social Work (San Jose State University).
Partners:        Vietnam National University; Hanoi University of Education; Thang Long University; University of Labor and Social Affairs; Hue University.
Cost:              About US$ 2600 per student, not including air ticket (about US$1300, quoted by STA travel in November 2010; might increase if bought too close to departure time)
Syllabus:        Email the faculty for a copy of the syllabus that includes detailed day-to-day activities for the entire trip.

The program is co taught by a faculty member and a SW doctoral student. NO PRIOR VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE IS REQUIRED! 

I know it says that the deadline on the website has passed but they have e-mailed us and said the deadline has been extended to April 30th to allow more spaces to fill up.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


ProWorld has a great variety of volunteer, internship and study experiences in many different countries- many focused on Central America and South America, but also India, Nepal, Ghana, and Thailand.

The study aboard programs mostly are language immersion, service-learning, and field study programs at local universities.

Many of the internships are very unique to the culture and location. For example in India you can do a health internship at a ashram! or in Mexico help kids with disabilities ride horses. Have to say...that's pretty cool. 

They also have scholarships for certain projects and referral incentives. 

Volunteering in China's Orphanages

Many of you may know or heard about China's (and many other parts of the world) challenge of overcrowded and understaffed orphanages. These are a vulnerable, helpless population that rely on the kindness of childcare workers to survive. Some are lucky enough to get adopted (but mostly from international adoptions - these orphanages are filled with many medical/special needs children and females.

Unfortunately China- while pushing forward into modernization- still cling to the traditional notions that male children are better and with the One Child Policy many couples rather have a son as their only child.

Studies have shown that lack of physical and emotional interactions with others in early childhood deeply affects the child in physiological ways- many literally die from loneliness. Many people wish they could volunteer at these orphanages to provide more than just basic needs, but love.

However through my research and some contacts with people who run the orphanages- China's state run orphanages usually prohibit foreigners from volunteering for fear that they are just there to "baby shop" or to spread foreign influence.

If you truly want to just lend a hand and a heart, there are ways. Many US citizens or other people from Europe have started their own private orphanages and they welcome volunteers. However, a lot of the work would be on your own - to plan where to live, what to do, how long, etc.

China Care - is an organization founded in 2000 by a young teenager who really had a heart for these children in China. Now there are "clubs" all around the US on college campus to raise awareness and support. China Care Bruins is the UCLA Chapter that does great things like a Mentorship Program for adoptees from China and fundraising for life-saving surgeries for orphans in China. They do not have an international component, but CCB show that you can help just by being on campus.

Blue Sky Healing Home in Beijing

Volunteer through IFRE

New Hope Volunteer in Xian, China

I have heard that going through a church is the easiest instead of going by yourself, but -remember- do your research and understand the dynamics of religious institutions and the Chinese government. Happy hunting!