Saturday, April 9, 2011

Student Volunteer Panel Links

On Feb 24th the ISWC had a great panel of fellow students who shared their experiences of volunteering and work abroad. Here are the links they shared with us!

- clinics all around the world to provide vision to communities
- they partner with optometry school from the US to send student volunteers

- "We partner with governments and with UN, non-profit and private sector organizations in order to support development programmes. UNV delivers a prompt, efficient and value-adding service to identify and engage professionals who can deliver services and fulfill a wide range of specialised tasks." 
- they also have their own online service to connect people to volunteer organizations! 

based in the indigenous community of Soloy, District of Besiko, Ngobe-Bugle Comarca, Panama

- a particular focus on education, women, children
- all volunteer-based!
- Countries: Brazil, Haiti, Cambodia, China, India, Mongolia, Panama, Swaziland, Tanzania, US, Vietnam

- through InterVarsity
- particularly recruiting students and recent grads
- living in local slums in communities around the world. 
- ministry

- work in slums of other countries as well as inner cities of the US
- internships
- Thailand, India, Mid East, North Africa, South Africa, Mexico
- Los Angeles, San Antonio

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